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Make your check deposits from the comfort of your home with remote deposit capture in mobile banking.

  • Download Mid Minnesota's mobile banking app from Google Play iconApple App Store Icon
  • The feature will walk you through the steps, making sure that you get the funds deposited into your account. 
  • Daily cutoff for same day processing is 2pm. Funds deposited after 2pm (or on a non-business day) will be available the following business day by 11am. 

How do I sign the back of a check for Remote Deposit?
  1. Your signature on the back of each check
  2. Under your signature, write 'For Mobile Deposit'
  3. One of the following must be included:
    • Your MMFCU Account Number
    • Your MMFCU Member Number
    • Or write 'For MMFCU'

What are some reasons my check may not get accepted?

 Some of the typical reasons  checks are not accepted with Remote Deposit are:

  • Missing one of the three endorsements noted above.
  • Depositing a check made payable to two people, but the account is only for one of those individuals.
  • Check is made out to someone other than who is on the account. 
  • The check is made payable to a business, yet the account selected for deposit is a personal account.
  • The check amount entered in the remote deposit form is a different amount than on the check
You will receive a message in Online Banking notifying you that your check was not accepted and the reason.

Learn how to deposit a check using Remote Deposit in the video below. 

Our expert staff are available to you in multiple ways for your regular transactions, emerging needs and if you are facing financial difficulties. Please reach out to us in one of the following ways: