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We totally get that checking is not a one-size-fits-all service.

For that reason, MMFCU offers three types of checking accounts delivering cutting-edge technology and highly personalized service. Our low-cost checking is complimented by free 24-hour account access, relationship discounts/bonuses plus many more benefits and features. 

We even provide the tools to switch your existing deposits and auto payments from your old account to MMFCU with ClickSWITCH.


Open an Account

Simply Free Checking

No monthly service charges, unlimited check writing, unlimited VISA Debit Card transactions, and no minimum balance required for Simply Free Checking.

  • Stop Payment of Check - $25.00
  • Overdraft Privileges - $25.00 per item
  • Auto-transfer in $50 increments from savings to cover overdraft - $1.00 

Regular Checking

There is no minimum balance required and if less than ten checks clear (VISA Debit Card transactions are not counted as cleared checks) your account in a given month, there is no service charge for Regular Checking. When more than ten checks clear your checking account in a given month, a $2.00 service charge will be assessed. If greater than fifty checks clear during the month, a $7.00 service charge will be assessed.

  • Stop Payment of Check - $25.00
  • Overdraft Privileges - $25.00 per item

Money Market Checking

This investment checking account gives you options! Our Money Market Checking account improves your cash flow by allowing unlimited transactions by personal check, debit card, ATM, and more. It's everything your MMFCU checking is, with a significant return on your deposit. A minimum balance of $1,500 is required to earn dividends. The more you invest, the more you earn! Tier Categories: $1,500 - $9,999 | $10,000 - $49,999 | $50,000+

  • Stop Payment of Check - $25.00
  • Overdraft Privileges - $25.00 per item
  • Auto-transfer in $50.00 increments from savings to cover overdraft - $1.00 
  • Minimum Balance Fee - $10.00

*If balance falls below $1,500 at anytime during the month, no dividends will be earned.

Teen Club Checking

We’ve created this program just for our members aged 13-18 with parent/guardian co-signature. Open your own checking account and gain financial freedom without the hassle of monthly service charges or monthly balance requirements. Your FREE Checking account also provides one free box of basic style or school logo checks every year (that’s up to 175 checks), ATM access, a VISA Debit Card, (you can choose a FREE Photo Debit Card in place of FREE checks) and the ability to check your accounts and make transfers on your home computer. (A parent/guardian co-signer will be needed for teens under 18) 

*If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts for which an Overdraft fee will be assessed on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, call your local branch or complete the form and return to a branch or mail to: MMFCU, PO BOX 2907, Baxter, MN 56425

Overdraft Protection Options

Mistakes happen! When you make an honest mistake in your checkbook or an unforeseen circumstance occurs when you least expect it, MMFCU offers overdraft protection options on your checking account. Click for more information on your options and additional details on Overdraft Privilege

Does balancing your checkbook against your statement bring you anxiety? Here is a brochure that we hope decreases the anxiety in 8 simple steps. For more financial resources, see our Conquer Debt section of MMFCU's Financial Education.

Features & Benefits of MMFCU Checking

Free VISA Debit Card with chip security!

Are checks too 20th century for you? No problem! Stay on the cutting edge with your VISA Debit Card. This card looks like a credit card, but acts like a checkbook. Get the added safety of one card for all of your ATM and purchase transactions. MMFCU's VISA Debit Card has no annual fee and no monthly service charges and comes with chip technology for added security. How 21st century!

To register your debit card, please click Verified by VISA

Click for frequently asked questions regarding chip enabled cards.

Managing your Debit Card 

Stay informed and in control with Debit Card Alerts & Controls that you can customize. Alerts can be initiated for your Mid-Minnesota Debit Card to let you know of transactions with fraud risk, large transactions, and other criteria you choose such as:

  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount determined by you
  • International transaction
  • Purchases made without a card present
  • Declined transactions.

Debit Card Alerts & Controls>

Photo Debit Card

Love your dog so much that you want his picture on your debit card? Get creative with a personalized Photo Debit Card. Through the Design Your Own Card (DYOC) program, an easy online process lets you upload a photo of your choice for the same price as a replacement card*. Simply log in to MMFCU's Online Banking to get started.

24-hour Phone Teller

(218) 829-1455 or nationwide toll free at 1-800-325-7881

Night or day, home or away; access your accounts by touchtone phone with this free service. Balance inquiries, cleared check information, transfers, loan payments and more can be done from virtually anywhere, 24-hours a day.


Online Banking Account Access

Access your accounts online 24-hours a day. Transfer funds, print statements, make loan payments, access tax information and much more. This free service requires no software to buy, and no setup fees to pay. 


Online Bill Pay

You can use Online Bill Pay to quickly pay your bills easily and securely. You can pay any company or person with a U.S. address. In many cases, we can send the payment electronically. But, if we can't, we'll mail a check.
You can pay your bills with the knowledge that your personal info remains confidential. When you sign in to Online Bill Pay, your user name and password are sent over the Internet from your computer to ours using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. This technology encrypts your personal info before it leaves your computer, ensuring that no one else can read it. Check out our Online Bill Pay through our Online Banking service!

No-Surcharge ATM Service

Use your MMFCU Debit or ATM Card on MMFCU owned ATMs and avoid service fees! Plus, MMFCU is proud to offer member access to literally HUNDREDS of machines throughout central Minnesota, and over 15,000 units across the country! 

Visit our ATM locator to find one near you or simply text a street address or zip code or "City State" to 692667 (my coop) to find the closest location.

MMFCU's ATM program includes unlimited, free transactions whenever you use the Co-Op Network. The maximum automated teller machine withdrawal we allow is $200.00 per day. This limitation applies to MMFCU checking in combination with share account(s).

Shared Branch Network

 MMFCU is participating in the CO-OP Shared Branch Network this means convenience when, where and how you want it. As our member, you can visit over 5,000 convenient locations where you see the CO-OP Shared Branch logo, and conduct transactions just like you were at your home branch. Find a branch location, call 1-888-SITE-CO-COP, or download the mobile application at your favorite app store. We suggest you call ahead to the branch you would like to use to verify they are able to accommodate your specific need and any fees that may be charged. Click for additional information and frequently asked questions on shared branching

Free Direct Deposit

The safest, easiest way to have your money deposited to your checking (or savings) account, Direct Deposit is yet another free credit union service. Instead of taking time to cash or deposit your paycheck yourself, funds are automatically deposited into your account on an agreed-upon date. Ask your employer (or other payor, including state and federal governments) if they offer direct deposit. If they do, the rest is easy, not to mention free at your credit union! Here is MMFCU's Transit Routing Number: 291973360

eStatements (Electronic Statements)

With your permission, we’ll deliver your regular monthly statement to you online. Your Electronic Statement is everything your mailed statement is; only it’s available on Mid-Minnesota’s website through Online Banking. It’s completely secure, and there whenever you need it. We’ll even store your past statements online for a full year. Sign up for eStatements when logged into Online Banking by clicking the "Statement" tab. Review and accept the e-Sign agreement and proceed. If you ever change your mind, you can unsubscribe from eStatement by clicking "Unsubscribe" from the statement settings.


So, here’s the fine print (but in regular-sized print)… All MMFCU checking accounts require an initial deposit of $25.00. With each checking account, you are required to open a share savings account (minimum balance $5.00) which makes you part owner of our credit union. Refer to your Truth-In-Savings Disclosure for a complete listing of checking account requirements and fees. The 'Fee Schedule' section of this site also offers a listing of fees associated to MMFCU Checking. 

Overdraft protection options are activated when your checking account doesn't have enough funds to cover your checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, bill payments, ATM transactions, and/or everyday debit card transactions. Your MMFCU account must be maintained in good standing which includes at least: bringing your account to a positive balance with in 35 days, not being in default on any loan or obligations to MMFCU and not being subject to legal or administrative order or levy. 

Transfers of $100.00 increments are made automatically to your account - Subject to credit approval. No cost or interest paid unless you use it. Pay off the balance in full or with regular monthly payments. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

*There is a $10 fee for new, replacement, or photo changes on photo debit cards.

Click for browsers supported by Online Banking.

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