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3 Ways to Protect Your Identity

Monitor Accounts, Transactions & Credit Score with MMFCU
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  1. Use Online Banking or our Mobile App to monitor your accounts and transactions. Recently, Mid Minnesota strengthened the security of your personal information with a new log in process. If you are using an unrecognized device to log in or are doing a high-risk item, you will be sent a one-time verification code via text or email to confirm that it is really you.

  2. Beyond just monitoring your accounts you can set alerts on your MMFCU debit or credit card based on the criteria you determine. Set alerts for specific dollar amounts, locations or types of transactions. You will receive an alert message when a transaction occurs based on your preferences.

  3. Finally, we make monitoring your credit score easy in our Mobile App and Online Banking with Savvy Money. You receive monthly updates if your credit score changes. You also find out what impacted your score, so you know right away if it is legitimate.

Below is a checklist of things you can do at home for additional protection of your identity. Call or stop by our office to get help signing up for any of these monitoring tools.

Checklist To Protect Your Identity At Home
  1. Set-up a “junk” email address for mailings or ordering products online to reduce the odds of your friends getting spam or malicious emails should your email get breeched.

  2. Monitor your bank statements and credit card statements regularly.

  3. Review your credit report (at a minimum) once a year at:

  4. Shred all financial information such as: bank statements, credit card receipts, pre-approved credit applications, etc. Shred personal documents at your local branch during MMFCU's annual Shred Days.

  5. Have payments directly deposited into your account (ie. Social Security).

  6. Empty your wallet of extras. Remove your social security card and credit cards you do not use often. Carry your birth certificate and passport only when necessary.

  7. Keep an emergency list of all your financial account numbers and credit card accounts in a safe location, such as a safe deposit box at MMFCU.

  8. Strengthen your passwords: minimum of 8 characters; use numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and special characters, pick themes and phrases; don’t use names or phrases about yourself; and use different passwords for everything.