1.99%APR introductory rate is now available on                                                                                    Mid-Minnesota's VISA Classic or VISA Platinum Rewards credit cards for the first six month! 
Rates as low as 8.99% -18%APR based on credit history after intro-period. 
Mid-Minnesota's credit cards provide local servicing, low rates, flexible terms, and 24-hour account access.  And, with two great cards to choose from, we have just the one for you. 
VISA Platinum Rewards Card 
Offers CURewards® points on all your credit card purchases! Points are earned for every dollar you spend and can be redeemable for cash, valuable travel, merchandise awards, and more. For more information and/or redeem your reward points visit www.curewards.com.  
Click for complete CURewards Rules and Conditions. 
VISA Classic Card 
Enjoy a great low rate and no annual fee. Apply now! 
Mid-Minnesota Visa Cards Feature 
  • Local Servicing - That means when you have questions or need help, you can call on the friendly staff at your local office to help. They know you and appreciate your membership.

  • Variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - MMFCU VISA offers an APR based on your individual credit history, rewarding members for good behavior!  Receive the same great rate for purchases and cash advances with no hidden fees.

  • 25-Day Grace Period. Pay your card balance in full each month, and you’ll never pay interest on your credit union VISA (cash advances excluded).

  • No Annual Fee. There is no annual fee for MMFCU VISA.

  • 24-Hour Free Account Information. You’re always in touch with your credit union VISA, by phone or on the web. Gather account balances, payment information and more, any time of the day or night.

  • VISA Flexline - 1-866-820-3862  HERE! On the Web Link directly to 'My VISA Statement' online.

  • Never miss a payment! Our free Auto-Pay service can withdraw payment directly from your MMFCU accounts – you choose the amount.

  • Travel Accident Insurance. You are automatically insured for up to $250,000 worth of travel accident protection, whenever you charge common carrier tickets on your MMFCU VISA. This added coverage is free of charge.

  • Accepted Worldwide. Use your MMFCU VISA at millions of locations – including automated teller machines (ATM) – across the globe, wherever you see the VISA logo.

  • Payment Protection. Available for just pennies on the dollar, this optional coverage will pay the insured balance of your cards in the event of death or disability.
    Lost or stolen card? 
    You can call and de-activate a lost or stolen credit card (and/or check card) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., dial 1-866-820-3862 to speak with a Flexline Service Representative.  
    Unless you have been grossly negligent or have engaged in fraud, you will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions on your MMFCU VISA Credit Card.  
    Visa Disclosure 
    Card Security Breach-  
    The recent data breach by retailers has created inquiries and concerns by MMFCU members. Please know that MMFCU is monitoring accountings 24/7 for suspicious or potential fraudulent activity.  
    Please review Questions & Answers from VISA and best practices regarding card security, or contact MMFCU directly at (218) 829-0371 with any questions. 
    Best practices regarding your overall credit security-  
  • Monitor your credit and debit cards from all financial institutions. If you see unusually activity, contact the credit union or the financial institution issuing the card immediately.
  • Watch your credit report via www.annualcreditreport.com for future account openings. This is a FREE service to review your credit report annually.
  • To deactivate a MMFCU credit or debit card during non-business hours call, 1-866-820-3862.
  • Be aware of credit “phishing” attempts on your personal information.  MMFCU will not ask for any personal information via telephone or email that you, the member, has not initiated. If you are unsure a phone call or e-mail is legitimate, call your local MMFCU branch at a phone number you retrieve from our website or local phone book. Do not return calls via a phone number provided by the “in-question” call or email.
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