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Looking to cancel a check that you no longer want to pay or one that got lost in the mail? Stop payments can cancel those checks that haven't processed through your account. Fee for this service is $25. 
If you are looking to do a stop payment, there are multiple ways to do so:
Screenshot of Draft Services main page in Online Banking.

Log into online banking, go to the draft services widget on the left side (note: if it is not located there, click the More... widget then find Draft Services). There will be two tabs in the top center of the page, make sure the Stop Payment tab is clicked. Then click the green New Stop Pay Request button to the right. 




Screenshot of Add Stop Payment Request screen with the option of entering only one check to stop payment.




In the top drop down, select the account that the check was written off of. In the second box, put your full check number, this is located in the upper right corner of your checks and should be located on the carbon copy (if you don’t have a carbon copy, please look at your check register for the check number). If you have one check, you will just enter your number in the box. Enter the exact amount of the check. 






Screenshot of Add Stop Payment Request Screen with option for the entering of a range of checks to put a stop payment on.






If you have a range of checks that need to be stopped, you will put the 1st check you would like to stop (lowest number), then click the range box and enter the last check you would like to stop (largest number). In the Amount field, enter the exact amount (total) of the range of checks.


You are also able to search to see if the check you want to stop has cleared by searching matching transactions. In the Payee Name enter the name on the first check that you paid. Read the Stop Payment Policy, before clicking the “I agree” check box and submitting the request.

**You will be charged $25 service fee per each stop payment.