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Here are some forms to help you manage your finances and reach your dreams!


Bill Calendar  You may be able to avoid late fees and other consequences of missed or late payments if you set up a bill calendar so you can see when payments are due.

Budget Document Need some help budgeting your money? Try this budgeting form.

Creating Cash Flow A cash flow budget is all about tracking the timing of your income and expenses to make sure you have enough from week to week.

Cutting Expense Finding ways to reduce your expenses can help you better afford the necessities you can't live without. It can also give you more money every month to save for your goals. 

Debt Log Before you can make a plan for paying your debt, you first have to know what you owe.

Document Checklist Round up all of your documents including: Paystubs, Bills, Mortgage or Rent Statements, Auto Payments History, Insurance Payments, etc. 

Improving Cash Flow There are several strategies you can use to improve your cash flow. 

Income and Benefits Tracker Get a total picture of your income and benefits to help you plan when to pay your expenses.

Increasing Income and Benefits Identify ways you can increase the money you bring home each month. 

Prioritizing Bills Making a short-term plan can help you identify the consequences of failing to pay certain bills. This can help you prioritize your expenses if you just can't pay everything. 

Spending Tracker Before deciding on changes to your spending, it's a good idea to understand how you use your money now. 

Credit Scores

Credit Scores What are credit scores and how do they work?

Disputing Errors If you find mistakes on your credit reports, you should dispute them. Here's how you can dispute errors you find.

Requesting Credit Report Making a plan for requesting your free credit reports once every 12 months. 

Reviewing Credit Report Look through your credit reports carefully to make sure all the information is correct.


Goals into Action  Before you can accomplish a goal, you need a plan for how to achieve it. This tool helps you turn your SMART goals into an easy-to-follow action plan. 

Savings Plan Making a weekly savings target helps make saving easier by breaking it up into manageable pieces. This can help you reach your goals and deal with unexpected expenses.

Smart Goals Setting goals is the first step toward achieving your dreams. This tool teaches you how to effectively set goals that are SMART.