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While COVID-19 continues to change how a majority of us live, we are all learning a "new normal." 

Many of our communities have been affected by shelter-at-home orders, especially small businesses.

There are still ways that we are able to help out the small businesses in our areas, that will not only help the business, but their employees as well. Below are a few ways that you can help them out now, while we all spend a majority of our time at home. 

business open sign

Shop your local stores online. Most retailers are offering their products through online purchasing, even if they hadn’t been doing so before the coronavirus pandemic. Continue supporting local businesses by choosing to order through their websites until they reopen their brick-and-mortar locations.

Buy gift cards. Service businesses like spas and theaters that don’t sell products, are hit particularly hard by the coronavirus shutdowns. Help them continue to turn a profit by purchasing gift cards now for later use.

Order in. Dining out is a luxury that most of the world will have to do without for now, but you can still enjoy your favorite takeout food at home. Most restaurants and fast-food chains are taking precautions to prepare their food within hygienic conditions to meet the CDC guidelines. You can safely order through a food delivery service, like DoorDash or Food Dudes, or use the restaurant’s drive-thru or curbside pickup service.

Tip extra. Whether you’re ordering dinner in or just having your groceries delivered because you can’t leave your home, you can help local businesses make it through this economic crisis by tipping a little bit more than you normally would. You can usually add your tip to the total being charged on your card to avoid physical contact with the delivery person.

Take advantage of discounts. In an effort to boost their sales, many small businesses are offering steep discounts on their products at this time. Take advantage by purchasing larger than normal quantities of the sale items to help the business stay afloat.


Check your local businesses website or social media pages to find out how they are still able to help you during this time.