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Swipe & Save the Change

What are you saving for? Mid Minnesota is here to help you achieve your goal. Our Round-Up Savings program increases your savings as you use your Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union Visa debit card.

When you make a purchase, Round-Up Savings will round your purchase to the nearest dollar and deposit that money into your savings account at the end of each day! It could be your current savings account, a special account set up just for a certain purpose like a vacation, or someone else's account like a child or grandchild.

Here’s what that might look like in a day:

Purchase Amount

Next Whole Dollar

Amount to Savings

$2.99 $3.00 $0.01
$28.00 No Rounding $0.00
$57.09 $58.00 $0.91

Total end of day deposit $0.92
Turn on Round-Up Savings with two easy steps:
    1. Bring the completed Savings Enrollment Form to your local MMFCU Office or call us at (218) 829-0371 to complete the form over the phone.
    2. In person or electronically sign the signature document, MMFCU will provide you with this form. 


Upon enrollment, Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union (MMFCU) will round-up your debit card purchases (signature and PIN) to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your choice of (eligible) savings account chosen once each day in a single transfer (Debit card Round-Up). The Credit Union will aggregate the rounded-up amount accumulated each day and post to your checking account at end of the business day.  

If on a business day, you do not have sufficient funds available in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your checking account, we will not round-up purchases posted on that business day, and we will cancel the Round-Up Savings transfer for that day. If your debit card purchase is subsequently canceled or reversed, the corresponding Round-Up Savings transfer will remain in the savings account. Round-Up Savings is only available on debit cards linked to MMFCU checking accounts (both consumer and business). 

This feature will cause all non-even debit card transactions (signature and PIN) made by you or a joint owner of your Credit Union checking account to round up to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your choice of (eligible) savings account. Upon receipt of a request to add the Round-Up Savings feature, the Credit Union will process it within a reasonable time frame, not to exceed three business days. Should you have questions regarding or choose to cancel the Round-Up Savings feature, please notify the Credit Union at any time. We may cancel or modify Round-Up Savings feature at any time without prior notice.