In addition to our many consumer and home loan products, we have a variety of additional loans to offer. (And just because you don't see it here, doesn't mean you can't ask. Odds are, we can meet your needs!)  
Consumer Goods 
What are you looking for? If we haven't covered it in any of our other categories we can likely finance it with a Consumer Goods Loan!  
Single Pay Loans 
Borrow for the short term, up to 6 months, with a single pay note. These loans have no payments due during the term - all principle and interest is due at the end. Single pay loans can be used for many different reasons, including an advance on your income tax return!  
Share-Secured Loans 
Borrow at an amount equal to the balance in your Share or CD account at a special reduced rate of interest!  
Line of Credit  
A revolving credit loan plan which requires you to apply only once, yet take advances on your credit line as often as you need to! Obtain cash advances up to a specified limit with a simple phone call, or by using any of our 24-hour automated services - Phone Teller, PC Teller, even by ATM! Transfer funds directly to your MMFCU checking account and go shopping. Or avoid bouncing that check with this handy line of credit designed to kick-in when you have exceeded the balance in your MMFCU checking account. 
Holiday Cash Loans 
Make gift giving a little less stressful with a “Holiday Cash” loan. Available November 1 to December 24. The "Holiday Cash" loan will then be paid back over a 10-month period. "Holiday Cash" dollars can be used for your holiday purchases anywhere you want to shop.  
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