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Looking for an easy way to drop off a deposit or documents for one of our staff? Use the night drop, located in the wall on the outside of our locations before our first lane in our drive-up. 
  • Deposits and payments are processed each business day by 10am at all locations, Monday through Friday.
  • Deposits and payments are processed on Saturdays at our Baxter and Little Falls locations.
  • Deposit cash or checks.
  • Use one of the envelopes located at the night drop. If envelopes are out at the location please make sure you have another envelope to put your deposit or payment in.
  • Envelopes can be no thicker than 1/2 inch. If they are, your deposit will not fit into the slot for the night deposit box.  
  • Make sure that your envelope includes your name, member number and the account that the funds are to be deposited to or the loan account number that you wish to make a payment to. If this information is forgotten, staff will be unable to complete your transaction. 
  • If you have a special request for a loan payment, make sure that you note that (i.e. $200 to regular payment and $300 to principle, etc). 
  • No receipt will be mailed, but you will be able to see the transaction in online banking.
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Why has my deposit or payment not showing?
  • Your envelope did not have enough information for staff to process the transaction. 
  • Your deposit or payment was dropped off on a weekend and will not be processed until the next business day. 
What steps do I take to use the night drop?
  • Our Night Drop are located in the wall on the outside of our locations, right before our first lane in our drive-up.
  • Pull up in your vehicle or walk up to the night deposit drop. 
  • At the top of the depository there is an area labelled FORMS, lift up on the bottom and there are envelopes enclosed for you to use. 
  • Enter your name and the account number you want the funds deposited to or the loan account number that you wish to make a payment to on the right hand side of the envelope.
  • On the left hand side under the Deposit heading, enter the amount of cash and checks, then add the total. 
  • In the middle section of the envelope, under the Apply To heading, select the account you want the funds to go to and enter how much to each account. 
  • If you are making a special loan payment, make sure you note that in writing on the front of the envelope (i.e. a $500 check, but you want $200 to go to your regular payment and $300 to go to principle only). 
  • If there are no envelopes at the night drop, please use your own envelope, a deposit slip or some other piece of paper that you can attach to your cash or checks to make sure your night drop is for you. 
  • Once you have your envelope ready, where you see a handle that says Open/Close, push up to open. You will see an opening for your deposit. 
  • Put your deposit in the slot and then push the handle down to ensure that your deposit goes into the building. 

Watch the video below for a visual of what you have to do.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Our expert staff are available to you in multiple ways for your regular transactions, emerging needs and if you are facing financial difficulties. Please reach out to us in one of the following ways:
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