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Mid Minnesota Loan Payment Options

We offer convenient ways to make your loan payment faster and easier by paying online.

Have some questions? Click for more information on frequently asked questions, or contact your local branch.
From a Mid Minnesota Account

From an External Account
Allows you to transfer money from a MMFCU Deposit Account to your MMFCU Loan Account

Allows you to pay your MMFCU loan payment with a Debit Card or account from another institution



(In order to set up a recurring electronic payment you will need your routing number and account number from your other financial institution).

Once Registered, you will be able to add and update account information easily:
  • Add/update payment methods
  • Make a one-time current or scheduled payment
  • Modify a scheduled payment
  • Establish an AutoPay schedule
  • View transactions made with this user account
  • For Recurring Payments, you will need to log in and stop the payment when the loan is paid in full. 

Don't have a Mid Minnesota Checking account?
We understand that a single checking account does not fit everyone's lifestyle or financial goals. At Mid Minnesota we have a variety of checking accounts. If you have a checking account at another financial institution, we dare you to compare our checking account features against your current checking account- we most likely can save or earn you some cash!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay my loan payment with a credit card? 
No. Payments for loans are taken by debit card, savings account, or checking account  from MMFCU or another financial institution.
Can I pay my MMFCU Visa® credit card from an account from another financial institution? 
You can by logging into Online Banking
  • Click the "More..." widget (three dots) to see the 'Credit Card Access Point' widget.
  • Click the widget and select QUICK LINKS (on the right side) then, Make a Payment.
  • Choose "Edit Payment Source" where you can setup a one-time or recurring direct pay from another financial institution to your MMFCU Visa® Credit Card.
My debit card from another institution was declined?
We would recommend you check with your financial institution to see if there is a transaction limit on your debit card or a daily transfer limit on your account. 
How will I know if my payment was applied to my loan account?
You will receive a confirmation email regarding your payment that was processed and you can choose to have an optional text sent in addition. If you do not receive an email, check your spam/junk mailbox. If not there, contact us
Is there a transaction amount limit?
The minimum transaction amount is $10. The maximum transaction amount is $5,000. If you would like to apply a higher amount to your loan, please contact us for assistance.
Can I pay off my loan online?
No. Please contact Member Resources so you can get the correct payoff amount and to answer any questions you may have to payoff your loan account.
Can I cancel a payment I have made?
Please contact Member Resources to assist you.
What if I forgot my username or password for Registered User?
Click the 'Forgot your Username or Password' on the Sign in Page and an email will be sent to you for reset instructions.
What if balance due is $0.00?
Your loan currently does not have a payment due. You can still make a payment.

Getting Started- items you will need.

  1. MMFCU loan number you want to make payment to.
  2. Last four digits of Social Security number of the primary account holder.
  3. eMail address to send confirmation.
  4. If paying by:
    • Debit Card- card information (number, expiration date, security code)
    • Checking Account- name on check, institution routing number, account number
    • Saving- name on the account, institution routing number, account number