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VISA Card Options
with 1.99%APR*  Introductory Rate

No matter what type of shopper you are, Mid Minnesota has a VISA card option to fit your life-style and spending needs. MMFCU VISA cards offer a six month introductory rate of 1.99% APR* on our Visa Signature Rewards, Platinum Rewards and Classic Credit Cards! Mid Minnesota's Credit Cards provide local servicing, low rates, flexible terms, and 24-hour account access. And, with these great cards to choose from, we have just the one for you!

*Business cards excluded. Intro rate ends after first six billing cycles; APR ranges from 8.99%-18% based on your credit history and card type. Maximum APR=18%

Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card

Experience the most out of life with your Mid Minnesota's Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card! Your Signature Rewards card gives you instant access to dozens of everyday perks, once-in-a-lifetime experience, fine wine and food events, and complimentary 24-hours concierge service. You will enjoy a prestigious rewards card with no annual fee and rates as low as 12.74%APR*!

To reach VISA Concierge call (800) 953-7392, or outside US at (630) 350-4551 for assistance.

Go to the VISA Signature website for additional VISA Signature Benefits.

Get 10,000 Bonus Points when you spend $1,000 with in the first 90 days of opening your new card.

Earn CU Rewards points:

  • 3 Points per dollar purchased at gas stations
  • 2 Points per dollar purchased at grocery stores
  • 1 Point per dollar purchased for all other types of purchases
Start earning valuable rewards for every signature purchase transaction when you use your Signature Rewards Credit Card. Rewards information can be found at

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Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Imagine getting rewarded just for shopping! Mid Minnesota Platinum Rewards Card offers points on all your credit card purchases! Points are earned for every dollar you spend and can be redeemable for cash, valuable travel, merchandise awards, and more. Not only do you earn rewards with no annual fee credit card, you also can enjoy rates as low as 9.99%APR*!

For more information and/or redeem your reward points visit or call 1-888-634-6318.

Visa Classic Credit Card

Mid Minnesota's Visa Classic Credit Card is a secure and reliable way to pay for virtually everything you need! Enjoy a great low rate and no annual fee. Apply now.

Mid Minnesota offers a six month introductory rate of 1.99%APR* on our VISA Classic Credit Card! After that you will enjoy a rate as low as 8.99%APR*.

 VISA information:

* APR= Annual percentage rate. Maximum APR=18%apr. Loans subject to credit approval. Intro rate ends after first six billing cycles; post-promotional APR is variable and ranges from 8.99%-18% based on your creditworthiness. 1.99% intro rate applies to balance transfers and new purchases made six months from approval. Certain restrictions apply.

Visa Business Classic

You can separate your business expenses from your personal expenses with the Mid Minnesota VISA Business Classic card. With convenient purchases, cost savings, detailed reporting and additional benefits*, you have what you need to help your business thrive. For added control of your business expenses, get cards for your employees and set limits.

* Business Card Benefits include: Auto rental collision damage waiver, purchase security & extended protection, travel & emergency assistance services and more.

Visa Business Platinum Rewards

Earn rewards for travel or merchandise or even cash back for your all your business purchases. Ease and convenience for you to track purchases making cash flow management easier, with the added benefit of earning rewards!

Purchase $1,000 in the first 90 days of having your Visa Business Platinum Rewards card, and earn 10,000 bonus points!

 Earn CU Rewards points:

  • 3 Points per dollar purchased at gas stations and office supply stores
  • 2 Points per dollar purchased at restaurants
  • 1 Point per dollar purchased for all other types of purchases

Start earning spectacular rewards every time you use your Business Platinum Rewards card with signature purchase transactions.

Mid Minnesota Credit Card Features

  • No Annual Fee. That saves you hundreds of dollars over the years when you are a Mid Minnesota card holder. 
  • Local Servicing. That means when you have questions or need help, you can call on the friendly staff at your local office to help. They know you and appreciate your membership.
  • Variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR). MMFCU VISA offers an APR based on your individual credit history, rewarding members for good behavior! Receive the same great rate for purchases and cash advances with no hidden fees. 
  • 25-Day Grace Period. Pay your card balance in full each month, and you’ll never pay interest on your credit union VISA (cash advances excluded). 
  • 24-Hour Free Account Information. You’re always in touch with your credit union VISA, by phone or on the web. Gather account balances, payment information and more, any time of the day or night. 
  • VISA Flexline. 1-866-820-3862 HERE! Or, visit 'My VISA Statement' through Online Banking!

To protect you against unauthorized purchases when shopping online, click Verified by VISA to register your VISA card.

VISA Mobile App for Managing your credit card

Getting Started- 1-2-3!

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Grab your credit card.
  3. Register on your phone!

Safety! You're protected by 128-bit encryption through your mobile device. No personal information is stored on your mobile device.

Click for Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions



VISA Credit Card Security- EMV Chip-Enhanced Card

As part of Mid Minnesota’s commitment to protect our members, MMFCU's VISA Cards come with embedded EMV Chip & PIN technology which provides an extra layer of security to your Card transactions at participating retailers. This makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access or copy your personal Card information. You may have questions about this new technology, please see below FAQ's:

Q: How do I make a transaction with my new card?

A: To make a transaction, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Insert the your card into the terminal with the chip facing up and leave the card in the terminal until the transaction is complete. If you remove the card too soon, the transaction will end and your purchase will not be processed. 
  2. Follow the prompts on the terminal's screen, including entry of your PIN.
  3. The terminal will display the purchase amount.
  4. When your transaction is complete, the terminal screen will prompt you to remove your card. 

For merchants that do not have EMV terminals, you will make purchases by swiping your card and signing a receipt.

Q: How can I get an EMV chip-enhanced MMFCU Visa credit card? 

A. We’ve summarized the way to get an MMFCU Visa credit card with EMV if you are a current MMFCU Visa credit cardholder or if you do not currently have an MMFCU Visa credit card.

Already have an MMFCU Visa credit card? When your current MMFCU Visa credit card expires, we'll automatically replace it with an EMV credit card. But if you'd like your new EMV replacement credit card before your current card expires, just request a new card now. Please note, there will be a replacement card fee of $10 if you request a card before your renewal date.

Don't yet have an MMFCU Visa credit card? Apply today! If you don't currently have an MMFCU Visa card but you want an EMV credit card, you can apply online for a Credit Card (subject to approval). 

Please note that you do not need to specifically request that the card be an EMV card, as ALL Visa credit cards issued by MMFCU now include EMV chips.

Q: What is an EMV chip-enhanced card? 

A: EMV, which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards using embedded microchips. MMFCU's EMV credit card has an embedded microchip that allows you to pay at merchants where chip cards are the standard. Plus, it provides improved security and protection against fraud.

In addition to the embedded microchip, MMFCU cards also have a magnetic stripe on the back. That way you can continue to make purchases at merchants who do not have EMV card terminals by swiping your card and signing a receipt. 

Q: Why has MMFCU switched to EMV chip-enhanced cards? 

A: Replacing magnetic-stripe-only cards with our new cards that enables both magnetic-stripe and chip-enhanced payments is one way we can help simplify your purchase experience as technology continues to change. All members will be up and running with this new, more secure technology when it is fully adopted by U.S. merchants. MMFCU members who travel internationally can more easily pay for their purchases. 

Q: What are the security benefits of the EMV chip-enhanced cards? 

A: EMV cards come with advanced security due to the chip technology that makes it difficult for a fraudster to counterfeit. 

Q: Do I need to get a metal wallet to secure my EMV card?

A: No. All of MMFCU’s chip-enhanced EMV cards are “contact only cards” and cannot be scanned from a distance. The metal card wallets advertised on TV are not needed to protect your card. 

Q: Are there any additional fees associated with the EMV chip-enhanced cards? 

A: No additional fees apply to MMFCU’s new EMV cards. 

Q: Will I still get the same rewards?

A: Yes, MMFCU’s new EMV cards continue to provide all the same benefits and rewards you received with your previous card.

APR= Annual percentage rate. Loans subject to credit approval. Intro rate ends after first six billing cycles; post-promotional APR is variable and ranges from 8.99%-18% based on your creditworthiness. Maximum APR=18%. 1.99% intro rate applies to balance transfers and new purchases made six months from approval. Certain restrictions apply.