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Households in America are changing and living arrangements that include roommates, boarders, extended family, or others sharing a home are common. Now there’s a mortgage that recognizes that—the HomeReady mortgage.

Extended households can help you qualify.

If yours is one of the many households that includes extended family—grandparents, adult children—or other household members, their income may help you qualify for a mortgage.

Co-borrowers don’t need to live in the home.

The HomeReady mortgage allows for co-borrowers who don’t live in the home, making it easier, for example, for a parent to assist with a home purchase.

Down payments as low as 3%.

Not everyone can afford to make a large down payment when buying a home, and with the HomeReady mortgage you won’t have to*.

Home ownership education to help you succeed.

The convenient online education required for HomeReady mortgage

prepares you to buy and own a home for the long run.

Contact one of Mid-Minnesota's Home Loan Consultants (Deb Kohan, Ginger House, or Tim Olson) to find out if the HomeReady mortgage is right for you.

*Subject to credit approval.