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Households in America are changing and living arrangements that include roommates, boarders, extended family, or others sharing a home are common. Now there’s a mortgage that recognizes that—the HomeReady® mortgage.

Extended households can help you qualify.

If yours is one of the many households that includes extended family—grandparents, adult children—or other household members, their income may help you qualify for a mortgage.

Co-borrowers don’t need to live in the home.

The HomeReady® mortgage allows for co-borrowers who don’t live in the home, making it easier, for example, for a parent to assist with a home purchase.

Down payments as low as 3%.

Not everyone can afford to make a large down payment when buying a home, and with the HomeReady® mortgage you won’t have to*.

Home ownership education to help you succeed.

The convenient online education required for HomeReady® mortgage prepares you to buy and own a home for the long run.

Contact one of Mid Minnesota's Home Loan Consultants (Brady Hersch, Ginger House, Heather Brill, Philip Zimpel or Veronica Franzen) to find out if the HomeReady® mortgage is right for you.

*Subject to credit approval.