NO CLOSING COSTS for Home Equity Loans!  
The equity in your home can be used for home improvements, college tuition, debt consolidation, a vacation... virtually anything!  And, with three unique options, we have one to fit you.  
Home Equity Options 
Traditional Home Equity 
This classic home equity loan allows you to lock into a fixed rate. Borrow against the equity in your home for any reason - not just home improvements - and enjoy tax deductible interest!   
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) 
Just like a traditional home equity loan in many respects, the Home Equity Line of Credit gives you more flexibility in your borrowing. Access what you need when you need it, and only pay monthly payments based on your balance after advances. Our HELOC is a variable rate program. 
Interest ONLY Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) 
Same great features as our Traditional HELOC, but with much smaller monthly payments because borrowers are only required to pay the monthly interest due based on balance.At loan completion, full balance (balloon) is due in the amount of your total outstanding balance.  
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Equal Housing Lender. Subject to credit approval. Consult your tax advisor about deductibility options. See rates page for current rates. The HELOC is a variable rate product based upon the Prime Rate. The maximum HELOC rate is 18.0% APR. Home equity programs may be subject to nominal closing costs of approximately $150 per $20,000 borrowed. No closing costs apply to new money only. A balloon payment may result on the Interest Only HELOC if paying the minimum periodic payments does not fully amortize the outstanding balance of the loan within the 10 year term in which the remaining balance must be refinanced or paid in full. 
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