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Tips for Holiday Shopping

(November, 2021)
image of a Christmas gift
Holiday shopping can be challenging even under the best of circumstances but with the uncertainty of covid and supply chain issues, buying gifts for friends and loved ones can seem overwhelming. If you are looking to buy specific gifts or popular items, it’s better to start shopping now before they sell out. No matter if you holiday shop all year long, hiding away gifts in closets months in advance, or you wake up a week before the holidays in a panic, we have a few tips to help you.

Remember these:

Don’t Overbuy
When you shop for months in advance, it can be tempting to take advantage of the deals you find. Stick to your list to avoid blowing your budget.1

Beware Shipping Rates
If you are shopping online, remember that there may be additional fees to ship during the holidays.2 You can also take advantage of online prices without the shipping fees by picking your gifts up at the store.3

Shop Local
Local stores and community events around the holidays often provide unique gift ideas and those that reflect where you live.

Use Your Talents
Homemade gifts that showcase your talents for cooking, sewing, gardening, decorating, or art perspective are often treasured items. Consider sharing your personal passions and talents.

If you are someone who ends up shopping the week before the holidays? Try these options:

Gift Basket of Small Items
Buy small gifts like lotion, candy, a journal, hot cocoa mix, or whatever you think your loved one may enjoy, and put a few items into a decorative basket or box. You can include local favorites to may it unique.

Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are an easy gift to purchase online and have shipped directly to your friend’s home. There are subscription boxes for almost anything you can think up! You can give the gift of new clothes, toys, art, coffee, flowers, cooking, and books each month.4

Give a Membership
Give a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Pay for a year’s membership to an online subscription service or publication for the friend who is always reading or pay for a few months of a steaming service for the family member that’s always telling you about a new movie.

Give a Gift Card
You can buy one for a specific store you know they love or you can get a Visa gift card from Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union that they can use anywhere!