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BANK-ZI-ETY™ noun 

Uneasiness, distress or mental apprehension, usually over an impending interaction with a bank; anticipated financial stress; concern over banking fees and rates.

$114 million. That’s how much Minnesotans save each year by using credit unions instead of banks. For individuals, this means an average savings of $54 a year! When a credit union makes money, it’s returned to members in the form of lower fees, better rates on loans, and more services. 

People talk about their financial lives and the things about finances that drive them crazy, give them anxiety or make them frustrated. To adequately describe all these feelings, a new word has been coined and trademarked – Bankziety™. Talk to a Mid Minnesota Member Service Specialist to see how the CREDIT UNION DIFFERENCE can relief some of your anxiety and most likely save you some cash in your pocket. 

Stop Surfing. Start Saving. 

By now, you’ve probably figured out how awesome it is to belong to a credit union. But did you know as a Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union member, you have access to one-stop shopping and great discounts all at one friendly and convenient place? Stop whatever you’re doing right now and check out

But that’s not it! One visit to Invest in America’s website and you’ll soon discover fantastic savings on wireless service and phones with Sprint; computers and electronics from Dell; and pretty much everything else at Shop America. To take advantage of these member-only discounts, or to learn more, visit Invest in America online at and look for ‘Explore Exclusive Discounts.’ Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

MMFCU Education Network 

You’re never too old to continue learning! Part of our credit union mission is to provide resources to help improve your financial well-being. By offering information, seminars and other educational and networking opportunities we want to teach you how to best get the most out of your credit union membership. You deserve the best, don’t you?

Learn more about the educational and networking opportunities we provide right here!