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image of post it with Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit Payments Starting July 15

For families, July may be the start of extra funds from the government. 
Parents awaiting these payments should start planning how they'll use the extra money now. Learn more about the Child Tax Credit Payments, how you'll receive them and ways save or use the funds. 
MMFCU blank check image for direct deposit information

What you need to know about the IRS Stimulus Payment

The government recently passed a stimulus bill that will provide payments to individuals and households in the United States.
Learn more about how much you can expect to receive, how you will receive the funds and more. 

InTouch Spending Tracking image, notepad, pencil, dollar bill and calculator

What Are You Spending Your Money On?

Before deciding if changes to your spending are needed, it's a good idea to first understand how you use your money now.
Learn how to track your spending and make changes to help you save. 

House with for sale sign on fence

Selling Your Home During COVID-19

For many homeowners, the hot real estate market of spring and summer of 2020 was going to be the season they put their homes up for sale - until the coronavirus hit. 

We've gathered some information to help you know if you are still ready to sell your home.

Comforting hands image

Six Tips for Financial Wellness in the Coronavirus Era

With change and uncertainty around COVID-19, you may be feeling greater anxiety, worry and stress - especially around personal finances.
During this time, there are important steps you can take to decrease financial stress.