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Video Tutorials

The below video tutorials give you a step-by-step visual on how to 1) Register for the First Time, 2) Retrieve a Forgotten Password, 3) Retrieve a Forgotten Username and 4) Set Up Your Online Banking.



Forgot username


E-DOCS (formerly E-Statements)

You can access your monthly statements and be notified of important account information by signing up for E-DOCS, you must first be enrolled in Mid Minnesota’s Online Banking*. If you are already enrolled in Online Banking, follow these simple instructions or the video tutorial to sign up for E-DOCS (formerly E-Statements): 

  • Log in to MMFCU Online Banking
  • Click on the “My Accounts” widget
  • Click on the “Statements” tab at the top
  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Read through the disclosures and click “I Agree”
  • Open the PDF to access your “Code”
  • Enter your code in the box provided on the disclosures page and “Hit Subscribe” You now have access to your Statements online 24 hours a day! 
* If you are not an Online Banking user yet, watch our First Time Registration Video to help you get set up. You will need to have your phone number, email address and social security number available.
HOW to subscribe to E-DOCS video

Additional Support

Who do I call if I have questions?
For questions concerning Online Banking, call (218) 829-0371 or your local branch office during business hours.

Does MMFCU have a Phone Banking option?

Yes, if you are having trouble with the new system and need to make a quick transaction, you can utilize MMFCU’s Phone Teller. You can conduct your credit union business by touchtone telephone, 24 hours a day. With Phone Teller, you’ll be able to get balance information, verify deposits, find out if checks have cleared, and even make withdrawals and transfers. Phone Teller is a free service. Call (218) 829-1455, or toll-free: 1-800-325-7881.

(And, if you utilized our previous Online Banking system, you do not need to register for Phone Teller. Your password is the same as it previously was on the old Online Banking system. If you have not yet used MMFCU’s Online Banking system, you will need to register for Phone Teller using the primary member’s Social Security Number first.)

Where do I go to register for MMFCU’s Online Banking?

Go to MMFCU's Home Page and click on the Online Banking link at the top of the page or type into your browser.

Will I be able to see all the accounts I am joint on?

Yes, one of the features of Online Banking is the ability to see ALL accounts you are joint on.

Where do I find tax information?

Tax information is found within each individual account, under the account details. Also, any tax forms sent to the primary member are available within the Statements area.

Will I be able to see my Credit Card and/or my RELN (mortgage)

If you are the primary account holder, you will be able to see the Credit Card and RELN (mortgage) balances on our Online Banking system. Joint account holders will not have access to this information through the Online Banking system. 

What browser should I use with Online Banking?

MMFCU’s Online Banking supports the latest two versions of the most popular browsers. In some cases, support will be extended to older versions. Online Banking supports browser versions on the Apple and Windows desktop systems as well as Apple IOS and Android mobile systems.
  • Desktop: Latest 2 versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. IE11.
  • Tablet / Mobile Browsers: IOS6 and above. Native browser and Chrome browser for Android versions 2.3.x and above.

How do I log on / register?
You can watch our “First Time Registration” video tutorial

What are some options with MMFCU's Online Banking?

Here are a few features and function…

  • AccountsAllows users to review balance information and transaction history on all account they are associated with.
  • Alerts (Notifications) - Configurable alerts and notifications will allow members to be more aware of what’s happening with their accounts. Users will be able to choose to receive/not receive the following notifications via email or text messaging: weekly balance summary, a balance exceeded or went below a certain threshold, a transaction over a specified amount, exceeded spending for a specific category, exceeded spending for a specific budget, goal completed, goal off schedule, transfer success, transfer failure, and more!
  • BudgetingThe Budgeting features will allow users to setup different budgets, associate budgets with different accounts, categorize transactions, and track spending.
  • DashboardThe Dashboard is a personalized landing page that shows account balance information, future transactions, past transactions, financial education, Credit Union news, featured themes, featured widgets, and more.
  • Draft ServicesThis area allows you to request a stop payment on a check and request a cashier's check be printed and mailed to you. The check can only be made payable to the account owner. 
  • End User Site SettingsAllows users to make changes to their profile, add features, and adjust their Internet Banking experience.
  • Financial Tips, Education and Access to Relevant News Articles - This new system will allow MMFCU to provide educational content based on your individual interests!
  • Message Center - The Message Center will allow users to communicate securely with Member Service Specialists from Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union.
  • Savings Goals - Online Banking users can set up savings goals and dictate how funds will be allocated to those goals!
  • Transferring Funds - Whether it is moving between a member’s personal accounts or to family and friends, transferring funds and making loan payments will be super easy!

How can I make the most of MMFCU’s Online Banking?
One of the best features of Online Banking is the ability to customize it to fit your needs! Here is a video that demonstrates how to set up or change your personal profile, activate banking widgets, receive notifications and more!

What if I forget my password after registering?
You can watch our “Forgotten Password” video tutorial.

Does MMFCU offer Remote Deposit Capture?
Yes, with MMFCU’s free mobile app, you will have the ability to make mobile deposits! With this feature, you can take a picture of a check and automatically deposit it into your specified account right from your Apple or Android phone anytime, anywhere! Learn how to successfully complete a remote deposit by watching a step-by-step video here

How do I sign the back of the check for Remote Deposit?

The information needed on the back of your check(s) for remote deposit is:

  1. Your signature on the back of each check
  2. Under your signature, write 'For Mobile Deposit'
  3. One of the following must be included:
    • Your MMFCU Account Number
    • Your MMFCU Member Number
    • Or write 'For MMFCU'

What are some reasons my check may not get accepted?

 Some of the typical reasons we see in checks not being accepted with Remote Deposit are:

  • Missing one of the three endorsements noted above 
  • Depositing a check made payable to two people, but the account only is set up with one of those individuals
  • The check is made payable to a business, yet the account selected for deposit is a personal account
  • Is the check amount is entered differently than showing on front of the check
You will also receive a message in Online Banking notifying you that your check was not accepted and the reason.

When is the daily cutoff for Remote Deposit Capture?
MMFCU’s Remote Deposit Capture daily cutoff for same day processing is 2:00pm. Funds deposited after 2:00pm (or on a non-business day) will be available the following business day by 11:00am. 

Is Mobile Banking available?
Yes! MMFCU members are now able to download Mobile Banking Apps for both Android and iOS. Get ready to access your account information anywhere you go, completely secure!

What are some of the Mobile App features and functions?
Mobile Banking offers many feature and functions! Convenient features include:
Account Balances
Account Transfers (Deposit & Loan)
Remote Deposit

Can I pay bills from my Health savings Account (HSA)?

Yes, you can pay bills from your HSA. If you are currently not seeing this as an option, please contact your local branch so we can give you access. 

Download MMFCU's Mobile Apps

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