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House with for sale sign out front

Should you Purchase a Home this Spring During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak that has swept through the world has given rise to dozens of financial questions, many including purchasing a home.
Stimulus Checks- COVID-19, with US capitol and hundred dollar bills

What you Need to Know About the IRS Stimulus Payment

Stimulus Payments started being direct deposited to accounts mid-April, find out more information on if you'll receive a payment, when to expect it and how you will receive it. 
Coronavirus scam alert image

COVID-19 Scams

Unfortunately, there have been fraudulent websites, emails and texts in regard to this pandemic. 
We've gathered information on the five most common scams happening right now. 
Financial terms image with calculator, pencils and paperwork

Financial Terms and How They Relate to COVID-19

We have broken down some of the key components and terms that have been flying around in the wake of the recently approved Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
business open sign

How Can You Help Small or Local Businesses?

We've found 5 ways that can help our small and local businesses during these uncertain times.