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Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union looks to enhance the lives of residents in the communities we serve in the following ways:
  • Social Responsibility – Volunteer time and monetary donations
  • Grants
  • Financial Education

Social Responsibility
Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union over 15 years ago established Social Responsibility Committees in each branch location. Committees consist of volunteer credit union staff members who are empowered to make the MMFCU’s monetary contributions and social involvement decisions, in accordance with board policy. Social Responsibility Committees attempt to focus on efforts that will have the greatest impact on the communities the branch serves, and will best meet the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.”

Monetary contributions impact a variety of organizations within the community. In 2019, $39,000 was given back to the communities we serve through these local Social Responsibility Committees.

Giving back in the form of time and talent is a priority of MMFCU’s as we have both paid and unpaid programs for supporting staff volunteer time. We also annually participate in the CU Forward Day in October each year coming together with credit unions to demonstrate together the impact we have.

Learn about what requests are considered. 
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Our member owner Board of Directors annually allocates grant funds in larger amounts to meet the emerging needs of organizations and communities MMFCU serves. Last year they provided $38,000 of support.

Learn about what requests are considered. 
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Financial Educational
Part of Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union mission is to provide resources to help improve the financial well-being of our members and communities at large. Mid Minnesota offers information, seminars, and other educational opportunities by partnering with our local communities, employers and schools to provide needed personal financial information for a better future.

Most of MMFCU’s work is in the classroom or with existing organizations already serving those needing additional financial education. We have partnered with more than 20 different school districts, businesses and organizations (county social workers, group homes, and LSS).

Learn about what requests are considered.  
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Donation Request Qualifications 
Please note that:
  • The form for any donations or volunteers needed must be completed for all requests.
  • Allow 30 days for your request to be reviewed and a response provided regarding approval, denial or request for more information. 
We want to enrich and give back to the communities we serve, so we ask that you only submit a request if your are an organization located in the areas we serve. To learn more about our field of membership, please go here

All requests will be reviewed by the correct committee and are based on allocated funds, along with the following guidelines: 

Requests for fundraising or a sponsorship for an event or organization will be reviewed but please note that the request should fit into one of the following categories: 
  • Nonprofit/501(c)(3) organizations that are requesting funds and aligns with MMFCU's mission
  • Financial literacy education outreach 
  • Educational institutions 
Normally, the following donation or volunteer requests will not be considered:
  • Requests for individuals
  • Requests from organizations that promote or endorse a religious or political activity or cause
You will receive correspondence (email is preferred; otherwise a phone call will be made) regarding the status of your request as soon as we have a decision.

If you have any questions please email:

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