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Security Scam (May 13, 2022)
Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union takes your personal financial security very seriously. Please remember, do not provide account information over the phone or click on links included in emails or texts you were not expecting.

Never provide your financial information such as debit and credit card account number or online banking information, unless you have initiated the phone call or purchase. Scammers are using words and phone numbers to mimic people and places that you trust, like your credit union. MMFCU will never ask for your account number if we call you.
We will not ask for any personal information via telephone or email that you, the member, has not initiated.
If you are unsure if a phone call, email or text is legitimate, call us at (218) 829-0371. After hours, you can call 1-866-820-8776, 24/7 for help with MMFCU Debit or Credit Cards. Do not return calls via a phone number provided by the "in-question" call, email or text.

Our expert staff are available to you in multiple ways for your regular transactions, emerging needs and if you are facing financial difficulties. Please reach out to us in one of the following ways: