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We have ATM's located at all our offices and are part of a nation-wide network.
Withdraw funds, check balances and make deposits.
  • 24-hour drive-up access at all of our office locations.
  • Withdraw funds
  • Check your balances
  • All ATM's accept check deposits.
  • Cash deposits not accepted at our Ada, Aitkin or Little Falls ATMs.
  • The first $200 of your deposit (cash or check) that is made into your account will be available on the same business day that you deposited it. The excess over $200 from such deposits will not be available until the second business day of your deposit. But, if circumstances warrant the exceptions, checks may be held up to seven days. You will be notified if we delay your ability to withdraw funds. 
  • Make sure your checks are properly endorsed on the back. If you have an insurance check, it needs to be endorsed exactly how the payee is written. No exceptions.  
  • When depositing cash, please make sure the bills are not worn or torn (if they are, utilize night drop at our office locations). Using worn or torn bills can jam the ATM machine, causing it to be out of service until staff can get the jammed bills out.
  • Search our nation-wide ATM network here: ATM Locator
Why was my deposit not accepted?
  • Check was incorrectly endorsed.
  • Check required a verification code before depositing or cashing.
  • Check was made out to two individuals and one is not on the account that funds were to be deposited to.
  • Check was made out to someone other than who is on the account.
  • Check was made out to a business, but was deposited to a personal account. 
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